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Sooty owl - vulnerable species listing

The sooty owl (Tyto tenebricosa) is listed as VULNERABLE on the schedules of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act. The species was listed because:

  • Its population has been severely reduced
  • It faces severe threatening processes
  • It is an ecological specialist (it depends on particular types of diet or habitat)
  • It has poor recovery potential

The above reasons are a summary of why the species was listed as vulnerable. The reasons are based on:

  • Criteria set down in the Endangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Act, which has now been replaced by the Threatened Species Conservation Act.
  • Data obtained from a questionnaire sent out to experts on this species. The questionnaire was used to evaluate the status of all threatened and non-threatened native vertebrates in NSW. The results were published in an NPWS monograph which you can buy online - see below for more details.

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    Page last updated: 28 February 2011