Primary school students

Fun facts, games and ways to get involved in environment and heritage projects. They’re all here for students aged 5-12.

Native animals

Eastern pygmy possum (Cercartetus nanus)

Check out our native animal fact sheets and see how much you know about native animals.


Smoke plume coastal hazard reduction burn Myall Lakes National Park

Read our fire facts and learn why fires start, how they burn and how we manage fire in parks and reserves.

National parks

Dorrigo National Park

Learn about national parks, the plants and animals that live in them, and how to help care for our parks.

Nature games

WilderQuest discovery tour, Sea Acres National ParkCome on an adventure into nature and explore the wild at WilderQuest. Play games or register to visit the ranger cubby to learn about our protected natural environments.

Teachers can access learning lessons, resources and student logbooks for primary science and geography.


Young scientists with magnifying glasses

Learn more about the environment by getting involved in our citizen science program. There’s a bunch of science and heritage projects you can join.

Threatened species

Find out how you, your school or community can get involved to help save our threatened animals and plants. Learn to create a safe and friendly environment for native animals and plants in your backyard. Watch videos about the work we are doing, explore our fact sheets and print stickers (PDF 3.5MB) for your class.

 Purple copper butterfly (Paralucia spinifera) on Bursaria

Protected areas

The Walls of China are dramatic formations of sand and silt deposited over tens of thousands of years and sculpted by wind and erosion in Mungo National Park.

There are different types of parks, reserves and protected areas in NSW. Learn about the importance of wilderness, our World Heritage sites and the significant natural and cultural heritage they protect.