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Energy efficiency

We offer an integrated solution to help NSW Government agencies make substantial energy and cost savings to meet their GREP targets.

The policy applies to all general government sector agencies and it strongly recommends local government, state-owned corporations, public trading enterprises and public financial enterprises also take action. The GREP includes measures, targets and minimum standards to drive efficiency in energy, water and waste and also improving air quality.

Success Stories

Watch the videos below to find out how the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Northern NSW Local Health District tackled energy efficiency upgrades.

Our services

Our team are energy efficiency specialists who are dedicated to helping you identify, develop and successfully implement your projects.

The team will work with you to:

  • build the business case for your projects
  • obtain approval to explore opportunities
  • engage suppliers
  • secure low-cost finance
  • reduce the risks associated with implementation
  • provide measurement and verification, and post-implementation support
  • help you achieve your targets will minimising the use of your own staff.

Pre-qualified energy service providers

Your agency can use our pre-qualified panel to quickly procure energy service providers to deliver renewable and energy efficiency projects.

These providers can offer energy services through:

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) – the service provider implements a comprehensive project and guarantees energy savings.

Energy Design and Implementation Services (EDIS) – the service provider uses a streamlined auditing process for simpler projects such as lighting upgrades and solar installations and does not guarantee energy savings.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – the service provider will install and maintain rooftop solar installation projects for zero upfront costs and the customer pays for what the system generates at a discounted rate over a fixed term.

These service providers can also provide the following support on energy projects:

  • design and engineering of solutions
  • installation and commissioning the project
  • maintenance, support and ongoing monitoring
  • measurement and verification savings
  • guarantees on resource savings (through Energy Performance Contracts).

We can give you guidance

Our team can help and guide you through the procurement process, from building the business case to selecting a pre-qualified supplier and evaluating proposals. We have various tools and resources available to help build a strong business case along with procurement templates for use upon request.

To ensure the highest standards of service and delivery we monitor and review the ongoing performance of all pre-qualified suppliers.

Contact us for more information on how to select the right procurement method for your project and best engage one of our pre-qualified providers.

List of pre-qualified providers

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Page last updated: 21 August 2018