Project summaries - 2009 Environmental Education - state and local government grants

2009 Environmental Education - state and local government grants
OrganisationProject titleAmount $
Charles Sturt UniversityBathurst school community garden network


Great Lakes CouncilStep to Sustainable Tourism - industry action for lake health


Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management AuthorityFarm dams handbook


Local Government and Shires Associations of NSWCouncillor training in natural resource management


Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW Climate change adaptation planning resources for local government


Mosman Municipal Council Mosman sustainable business champions program 


Port Stephens Council Port Stephens project AWARE on the coast


Strathfield Municipal CouncilGrowers for Greenspace 


Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management AuthorityBushcare volunteer training and professional support


TAFE NSW Western InstituteBuilding capacity in sustainability for the trades


Woollahra Municipal CouncilWoollahra Council's Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize


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Charles Sturt University
Bathurst school community garden network
Grant: $35,623

The project aims to implement environmental education in schools to promote sustainable living practices through the establishment and development of school/community food gardens which provide the focus to coordinate curriculum, management of school grounds and resources in a sustainable way. The gardens provide opportunities to build the capacity of the school and its community to take sustainable action through the development of knowledge around the use of resources, processes involved in food production and distribution and an understanding of the impacts of climate change. The gardens also provide opportunities to develop practical skills to reduce individual and community ecological footprints as well as the values and attitudes to support ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

Great Lakes Council
Step to Sustainable Tourism - industry action for lake health
Grant: $50,000

The Great Lakes tourist industry and partners have joined forces to improve business operations, reduce resource use and promote the region's natural assets in the name of sustainability and long term environmental protection. Over 1 million people visit the area each year generating more than 3,000 jobs and contributing $2.2 million to the local economy annually. To ensure the viability of the industry into the future operators will receive mentoring and training to personally assess the sustainability of their business, supported by access to expertise, practical tools and resources, promotion, industry commitment and peer networks. Operators will actively advocate environmental protection to their clientele and improve performance to minimise environmental impacts which have associated economic and social benefits for their business and wider community.

Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority
Farm dams handbook
Grant: $27,500

This project involves the development of a farm dams handbook (applicable NSW-wide) and the delivery of associated training in order to deliver improved water quality and biodiversity outcomes. The project aims to influence the behaviour of rural landholders by establishing best practice for farm dam management and delivering training to minimise environmental risks associated with poor management practices. Training will focus on the Sydney drinking water catchments within the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority area given their importance for water quality and proximity to Warragamba Dam. The handbook will be made accessible to agencies, CMAs and landholders, NSW-wide.

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Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW
Councillor training in natural resource management
Grant: $30,000

The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) is seeking to continue building the capacity of local councils across NSW in Natural Resource Management (NRM), by expanding its existing training program for local government councillors in NRM. The training package was developed as part of an LGSA project aimed at improving the skills, knowledge and engagement of local councils in NRM, with a particular focus on smaller rural and regional councils of NSW. An initial seven training sessions have been held to date across NSW in areas including Dubbo, Forbes, Inverell, Deniliquin, Tamworth, Albury, and Griffith, attracting over 100 Councillors from 35 councils. The LGSA is seeking support to continue to deliver the Councillor training program through the provision of 15 additional workshop sessions across NSW.

Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW
Climate change adaptation planning resources for local government
Grant: $99,692

The project will assist councils, especially those predominantly within outer regional or remote areas, to respond to climate change. Five councils will be assisted to create climate change action plans through facilitated workshops using the Climate Change Action Planning Workshop Package. The plans will address mitigation and adaptation. Other councils will participate in the workshops, observing use of the package and receiving training to facilitate workshops at their councils. Communities of practice will be created to enable participants to continue learning beyond the conclusion of the project by sharing information on how they have used the package in developing action plans.

Mosman Municipal Council
Mosman sustainable business champions program
Grant: $15,000

Mosman Council is joining forces with local businesses to assist them in moving towards more sustainable business practices, through identifying barriers to change, providing information, resources and practical tools to implement best practice for sustainability, including an award recognition system. Council will engage with businesses to learn about environmental issues of concern and how their practices (and those of their customers) impact on the local and global environment. This collaborative effort will help facilitate change in business practices, educate the community about sustainable shopping, and about local businesses who are moving towards sustainability. The project will focus on lifecycle approaches to managing water, waste and energy to achieve sustainability, and highlight the roles we all play in creating a sustainable future for our community.

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Port Stephens Council
Port Stephens project AWARE on the coast
Grant: $7,500

Project 'AWARE on the coast’ is a proven community education model that engages the community in education, awareness-raising and stewardship of inter-tidal habitats in their local coastal areas.  Participants take part in a series of lectures, workshops and field trips to learn about the ecology and conservation values of rock platforms and seagrass beds.  These are conducted by expert presenters and guides.  Then, to pass on what they have learnt, participants design an education project and deliver that within their own networks and communities.  Throughout this process participants are supported by the program coordinator and contributions from others.

Strathfield Municipal Council
Growers for Greenspace
Grant: $78,600

The Growers for Greenspace project aims to engage new and existing community volunteers to participate in the propagation of local provenance plants for use on Bushcare sites across the Parramatta River Catchment. Volunteer growers will be provided with nationally recognised training, a grower's kit, propagation reference materials and ongoing support from Parramatta River Catchment Group member councils and the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority. Volunteers will also be required to enter into an agreement with one of the member councils, as a Bushcare volunteer, to complete the training program and to supply all plants propagated to a nominated site within the catchment.

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
Bushcare volunteer training and professional support
Grant: $74,395

This project will develop a new training package that enhances the skills of community members involved in volunteer Bushcare activities, as well as updating and improving volunteer management guidelines. The Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority has facilitated volunteer training in Sydney over the past 5 years – this project is the next step toward fully standardising and updating volunteer training for on-going, state-wide delivery. Based on individual units of competency in the Conservation and Land Management Course currently being delivered to Sydney volunteers, a new training resource will be developed by a selected Natural Resource Management training consultant which will be submitted to the NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board for accreditation as a ‘Statement of Attainment' Qualification. The Volunteer Coordinators Network Manual will be updated to include issues of Aboriginal cultural heritage and will link to the training.

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TAFE NSW Western Institute
Building capacity in sustainability for the trades
Grant: $87,500

The TAFE Western project will target skills development in passive solar house design, low energy housing, usage of renewable energy, solar, wind and water efficient technologies for tradespeople and the general community in the Central West and Orana regions of NSW. The funding from the Environmental Trust will support Western Institute to implement its Green Skills strategy by providing funding for a mobile 'Green Skills on the Road' teaching resource, community awareness raising sessions and development of  innovative teaching  strategies and resources enabling Western Institute to play a key influencing role in supporting state and federal government initiatives for increases in use of renewable energies, water efficiencies and sustainable building practices.

Woollahra Municipal Council
Woollahra Council's Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize
Grant: $24,750

The Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize, developed out of and is aligned with Woollahra Council's prestigious Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize ( The Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize engages teachers and students in creative thinking and hands on activities to address environmental issues outlined as priority environmental themes for environmental education, find solutions and implement changes to alter behaviours and make real changes to the school and broader community. The program consists of enhanced training and skills development for teachers and students aimed to inspire and inform the audience who then create small sculptures made of recycled material (there are specific conditions of entry). The sculptures are judged by Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize judges and artwork is exhibited to the community.

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