Grant assessment process

This section provides a general outline of the grants assessment process that takes place after your application has been submitted, including an overview of the standard grant conditions that successful grantees are asked to comply with if their application for funding is successful.The Trust will monitor the progress of projects. Funding is normally provided in staged payments, and continuing payments are dependent on satisfactory progress reports. 

Assessment and approval process

After the closing date, Trust Administration staff will check whether your application is eligible and sufficiently complete for assessment purposes. All ineligible or incomplete applications will be rejected and notified accordingly by Trust Administration.  Trust Administration staff may also contact you or your nominated referees for further information about your application.

The Trust establishes a Technical Committee for each grants program. The Trust's Technical Committees are made up of people with knowledge and experience relevant to each grant program and include at least one representative of community groups and at least one representative of industry. Committee members agree to undertake their duties within the principals of ethical conduct – integrity, objectivity and independence. They are also required to keep all matters concerning applications confidential and to declare any potential conflict of interest.  Technical Committee members for each program are listed in the Environmental Trust Annual Report.

The Technical Committee will assess the merit of your proposal by using assessment criteria specific to each grants program and will then make recommendations to the Trust. The Trust, having considered the Technical Committee's recommendations, determines which applicants will receive grants.

Notification of grant decisions

The Minister for the Environment, as Chairperson of the Trust, will publicly announce successful applicants throughout the year.  Applicants will also be notified in writing.

Receipt of funding

Successful applicants will usually receive funding in the year following the submission of their application. For example, successful applications lodged in 2016 will usually receive funding in early 2017.

Successful applicants may not receive the full amount requested and may be subject to special, as well as general, conditions of funding. Trust Administration will contact you to discuss any special conditions that must be fulfilled prior to receiving your grant.

Signing a grant agreement

You will be required to sign a grant agreement, which outlines the funding conditions and includes a payment and reporting schedule. It is recommended that you review the grant agreement relevant to your application/expression of interest prior to completing an application/EOI as you need to be prepared to sign up to the terms of the agreement should your grant application be successful.  Changes to the grant agreement are generally not permitted.

Below are examples of agreements for the Environmental Trust programs 

Restoration and Rehabilitation, Education, Protecting Our Places, Research, Lead Environmental Community Groups

Standard Agreement 
(PDF 77KB)

Eco Schools Eco Schools Grant Agreement
(PDF 169KB)
Waste Programs

Deed of Agreement
(PDF 191KB)


Letter of Agreement
(PDF 66KB)

Depending on the program, a term of your agreement may also include submitting a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan and Schedule C Project Measures.  Refer to the Monitoring and Evaluation page.

Progress reports and payments

The Trust needs progress reports in order to be satisfied that its investment in your project achieves environmental outcomes and that funds are appropriately spent. Reporting also:

  • provides you an opportunity to evaluate your project and make improvements where necessary 
  • identifies to the Trust where environmental benefits can be spread beyond your project
  • assists the Trust in developing future funding programs and policies.

The Trust provides guidelines for presenting progress and final reports on the Grantee Reporting Process page to help you to prepare reports on your grant project.

Financial reporting templates and budget variation request templates can be found on the Financial Reporting page.

Further information

If you require further information on any of the above, please contact the Enviornmental Trust

Phone:  02 8837 6093

Page last updated: 08 November 2018