Major projects

About the program

Projects funded under the Environmental Trust’s Major Projects funding stream are designed to tackle large-scale and/or complex issues. The Trust identifies and designs these projects through consultation with key stakeholders.

There are four categories of Major Projects. These are:

Ongoing major projects

These projects are ones that the Trust has historically funded on an ‘ongoing’ basis for an extended period. They generally address priority environmental issues identified by the Trust as being worthy of continuous funding as they remain an unfunded priority issue or relate directly to the Trust’s statutory Objects. The need for ongoing funding for these projects is reviewed periodically.

Sunset major project

These projects represent the Trust’s 'proactive' projects. Under this category, the Trust funds multi-year projects, based on the Trust’s agreed priorities. Funding is guided by a biennial Major Projects Prospectus.

New government priorities

From time to time, the Trust has been asked to fund new priorities of government. These are generally high priority issues that address point-in-time environmental issues or complement new policy or legislative frameworks.

Unsolicited projects

While the majority of Trust funds are committed through existing programs, the Trust acknowledges that opportunities may arise from time to time to improve the environment of NSW through projects that are not identified or are not eligible through its standard programs. To realise these opportunities, the Trust can also accept unsolicited proposals for consideration. There is no dedicated funding source for these proposals and funding availability cannot be assured in any particular year.

Interested parties must contact the Senior Team Leader, Major Funded Projects on (02) 8837 6093 to discuss potential projects prior to submitting an unsolicited proposal.

Program achievements

Information about current Major Projects can be found in the NSW Environmental Trust Annual Report.

Further information

For all enquiries, please contact the Environmental Trust administration:

Phone:  (02) 8837 6093

Page last updated: 18 June 2018