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The State Heritage Inventory, or online database, contains over 20,000 heritage items on statutory lists in New South Wales. This information is mainly provided by local councils and most records have basic identification information such as name, address and listing.

It also includes items listed on the State Heritage Register.

While the Heritage Division seeks to keep the Inventory up to date, the most recent listings in local and regional environmental plans may not yet be included. Always check with the relevant local council or shire for the most recent listings.


The following tips will help you when searching:

  • The best results are achieved by entering the least criteria.
  • Begin your search by entering the Street Name (eg George Street, type 'George') and select the Local Government Area.
  • Avoid searching by Item name unless you are certain of the exact name.
  • If you get too few or no matching records try entering less criteria and search again, eg. "awa" instead of "awa tower" or "elizabeth" instead of "elizabeth farmhouse".
  • If you get too many matching records, try entering more specific criteria and search again.
  • You only need to type the first few letters of a word or text, eg. "hillv" will find "Hillview".
  • Speed your search by selecting from the Local Government Area or Listings options.
  • Your search can be restricted to fully described items by checking the Information complete box.
  • Database ID refers to the 7 digit database number, eg. 5054880 will find Sydney Opera House.
  • SHR Number refers to the 5 digit gazetted State Heritage Register Number, eg. 00001 will find Elizabeth Farm.
  • Designer/builder search field is a ‘free text’ search that will find architects, designers, builders and construction firms.
  • Year of construction search will find the start year to end year where it is fully contained and overlapping the date range. For example: when searching between from 1940 to 1950, items with the following date ranges will appear in the search result:
    • Item: 1930-1960
    • Item: 1945-1960
    • Item: 1945-1948
    • Item: 1945-
    • Item: -1948
  • Significance, description, historical notes field is a ‘free text’ search within those fields.
  • Your search can be restricted to fully described items by checking the Information complete box.

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Page last updated: 26 August 2015