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Prospect County Council Arms

Arms in cast aluminium, 1970s

Prospect County Council used its coat of arms extensively, with all of its major properties marked with a three-dimensional representation of the Arms. The example shown here was formerly attached to a Prospect County Council office at Richmond, in the Hawkesbury District. The Arms are made in cast aluminium and painted as a single piece, with the motto ribbon as a separate piece.

It is not known when or by whom the Arms were made.

Some questions to research:

  1. Which of the charges and symbols used in this coat of arms allude to the NSW Coat of Arms?
  2. Are there other examples of official coats of arms in NSW that have an Aboriginal and a non-Aboriginal person as supporters - and if so, what might this symbolise?
  3. How could the rules of heraldry be adapted to be consistent with contemporary symbolism used by Aboriginal people in NSW - or how could that symbolism be expressed using the traditional rules of heraldry?

Image source: Nathanael Hughes, 11th October 2006

Page last updated: 01 September 2012