New South Wales–Tokyo strengthen ties to accelerate clean economy

Bilateral opportunities between New South Wales and Tokyo have been strengthened today with the signing of 2 significant memoranda of understanding (MoU).

A well-dressed woman sitting at an ornate desk signs a document

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the New South Wales–Tokyo Sister State Agreement, NSW Premier Chris Minns and the Governor of Tokyo, Her Excellency Ms Koike Yuriko, signed an updated agreement solidifying a continued partnership.

It also marks Her Excellency Ms Koike Yuriko’s first official visit to New South Wales.

The first MoU marks a renewed commitment to progress and strengthen existing ties in the areas of education, sports, sustainable city planning, and encompasses new areas of commitment around the clean economy transition and liveability.

The second MoU aims to further enhance collaboration around the energy transition, focusing on hydrogen.

Quote attributable to NSW Premier Chris Minns:

'We have a long-standing relationship with Tokyo, one which is underpinned by shared values and a long history of cooperation.

'Our Sister State Agreement was first signed in 1984 by then–Premier Neville Wran, and to this day is one of our state’s longest-standing and most highly regarded partnerships.

'Signing an updated MoU today signifies our commitment to renewed areas of cooperation and to our ongoing collaboration with one of our largest Indo-Pacific partners.'

Quote attributable to Minister for Climate Change and Energy Penny Sharpe:

'Global competition for hydrogen market share, supply chains and expertise continues to grow and we need to make sure New South Wales is at the forefront of discussions and opportunities.

'This partnership will open doors for bilateral investment opportunities and further enhance New South Wales’ position as a growing hydrogen leader.'

Quote attributable to Minister for Industry and Trade Anoulack Chanthivong:

'Japan is our second-largest trading partner and it’s home to the world’s largest metropolitan city, Tokyo. This is a critical trade and investment partner for New South Wales.

'New South Wales is part of the global battle to attract new investment and to tap new markets for our world class products and services. This agreement is an opportunity to do even more to give New South Wales an edge.'

Quote attributable to Governor of Tokyo, Her Excellency Ms Koike Yuriko:

'Since the establishment of a friendship state relationship in 1984, New South Wales and Tokyo have engaged in cooperation and exchange in various areas.

'It is truly a pleasure to be able to visit New South Wales in this very special year, which marks the 40th anniversary of our friendship state relationship, to meet with Premier Minns. And, I am very pleased that we were able to sign an agreement such as this MoU.

'All of the exchange and interaction that has taken place between our states thus far is bearing fruit in the form of today’s MoU. And, I look forward to the further development of our relationship with New South Wales.'

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