Wingello Park a glimpse into Australia's rich colonial history

One of the earliest colonial estates established outside the Sydney region, Wingello Park nestled in the Southern Highlands of NSW, has been recognised through a State Heritage Register listing.

Wingello Park - Homestead

Wingello Park was established in the early 1800s and is a superb example of a historic colonial house. It was designed in the 'Cottage Ornee' architectural style. This style links back to the English Picturesque movement characterised by small dwellings that have been constructed in a rustic style.

The Executive Director of Heritage NSW Sam Kidman said the homestead is a well-preserved example of its era. With its pastoral surroundings the homestead offers an understanding of what life might have been like during that time.

"Wingello Park is an extraordinary example of a colonial estate which is largely original and still in operation today as a pastoral property," said Mr Kidman.

"At the beginning of the 1800s, the wool industry was playing an increasingly significant role in the wealth of the colony.

"Wingello Park shows how crucial the cultivation and export of wool was to the endurance and development of the early colony."

Deputy Chair for the Heritage Council of NSW, the Hon Robyn Parker, said that Wingello Park is a significant regional place that should be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

"Many locals may associate Wingello Park with Major-General Paul Cullen and his wife Eve," said Ms Parker.

"He was a soldier, businessman, and pastoralist who owned the property between 1984 and 2007.

"Under their custodianship, the Wingello Park garden flourished and became one of the botanical highlights in the community."

Wingello Park was also associated with an unsuccessful attempt to acclimatise alpacas and llamas to Australian conditions in the 1850s. A flock was brought to Sydney by the government to establish them as viable stock. Unfortunately, by 1866 the government decided it was a failure and abandoned the experiment.

By listing Wingello Park on the State Heritage Register, the NSW Government recognises the importance of this place to the local community and to the people of New South Wales. This recognition provides protections to the property and will ensure it is preserved for future generations.

Further information on Wingello Park can be found on the Heritage NSW website.