Conimbla National Park Plan of Management

Conimbla National Park is located on the central western slopes of NSW between Grenfell, Canowindra and Cowra, about 400 kilometres west of Sydney. It has an area of 7,590 hectares and covers part of a low system of ranges which support a variety of forest, woodland and heath communities.

1 November 1997
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The park is important for the conservation of a sample of the plant and animal communities of the central west, an area which has largely been cleared and developed for agriculture. Conimbla National Park also provides habitat for several species of threatened fauna and conserves populations of a number of plant species and communities which are now uncommon or rare because of clearing.

The park contains very attractive scenery, including a number of clifflines, a small gorge and several waterfalls. These ranges and peaks are important landscape features in the district.

As it is one of the few naturally vegetated areas remaining in the district the park has the potential to be a valuable educational and recreational resource for locals and tourists.

Photo: Conimbla National Park / Amanda Lavender/OEH