Digital soil mapping of key soil properties over New South Wales

Version 2.0

Digital soil mapping helps inform on vital soil conditions throughout the state and assist in the ongoing sustainable management and protection of these important resources.

28 April 2023
Department of Planning and Environment
  • ISBN 978-1-923018-48-8
  • ID EHG20230163
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  • Pages 76
  • Name digital-soil-mapping-key-soil-properties-over-nsw-version-2-230163.pdf


This report presents digital soil maps over NSW for a range of key soil properties, derived using quantitative modelling techniques. The properties covered include soil organic carbon, pH, cation exchange capacity, sum-of-bases, available phosphorous, bulk density, clay, sand and silt. The maps are at 100 metre spatial resolution and cover multiple depth intervals down to 2 metres, consistent with major Australian and international systems. Validation results for the maps indicate at least moderate performance and effectiveness.

The maps provide a useful first approximation of these important soil properties and complement existing conventional and other digital soil maps available over NSW. They can assist in sustainable management of our soil resources and provide valuable input into other natural resource and environmental modelling systems throughout the state.

The maps are viewable through eSPADE and are available for download through the SEED.