NSW Estuary Health Risk Dataset

A first-pass risk assessment to help with the prioritisation of catchment management actions

This report describes the creation and use of the NSW Estuary Health Risk Dataset.

12 September 2019
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • ISBN 978-1-922317-26-1
  • ID EES20190521
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  • Pages 36
  • Name new-south-wales-estuary-health-risk-dataset-report-190521.pdf

The dataset identifies land-use pressures and consequent risks of impacts on the ecological health of estuaries. Risks associated with other pressures, such as acid sulfate soils, erosion and contaminants, are not captured. The dataset can be used to help map where further studies and/or management actions in a catchment would contribute to achieving some of the management objectives for coastal environment areas and coastal wetlands and littoral rainforests areas specified in the Coastal Management Act 2016.

The dataset includes two shapefiles and one raster file for each estuary and its associated catchment in New South Wales. It is recommended that all files be reviewed to help set the context for the estuary health risk. The shapefiles provide data on risks and land-use pressures at the subcatchment scale. The raster file provides finer resolution data (1 hectare) on land-use pressures.