Old Great North Road, Dharug National Park, Conservation Management Plan

The Great North Road was built using convict labour between 1826 and 1836, spanning the 264-kilometre distance between Sydney and the Hunter Valley. The Old Great North Road is a 43-kilometre stretch of this road that retains some of the best examples of our convict heritage.

1 March 2005
Griffin NRM Pty Ltd
Publication, Conservation management plan
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Dharug National Park covers 14,834 hectares and is bordered to the west by Yengo National Park. The Great North Road formed the original north-western boundary of the park when it was reserved in 1967.

Dharug National Park encompasses a 16-kilometre stretch of the Old Great North Road, between the spectacular ascent of Devines Hill through to Ten Mile Hollow. Dharug National Park also contains the original 5-kilometre ascent from the Hawkesbury known as Finchs Line.

Also considered in this document are Simpsons Track, which joins the Old Great North Road at Ten Mile Hollow, and the Shepherds Gully and Sternbecks Gully Roads, which join the Old Great North Road at the top of Devines Hill and connect through to the Macdonald Valley. The latter roads are within Yengo National Park.


The Old Great North Road Conservation Management Plan Addendum 2007 (PDF 13.3MB) is supplementary information to the The Old Great North Road, Dharug National Park Conservation Management Plan (OGNR CMP).

The Addendum includes information required for the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EP&BC Act) declared World Heritage properties.

When the OGNR CMP was commissioned the Old Great North Road was not nominated as a place with World Heritage values and hence was not fully consistent with all regulations required by the EP&BC Act.

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Explore the World Heritage-listed Old Great North Road at Dharug National Park near Wisemans Ferry, northwest of Sydney.