Protect your chooks and save our quolls

This guide has tips to help you quoll-proof your hen house. This also has the added benefit of keeping out other predators and egg thieves such as foxes, dogs, goannas, pythons and ravens.

1 May 2017
Office of Environment and Heritage
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While the quolls natural habitat is the forest, they have learnt to travel across open country, including farms where they find abundant, accessible food such as rabbits and poultry. If you’ve got chooks, you are likely to have quolls checking out your animals.

What can I do if quolls visit my poultry pen?

Trapping quolls is illegal and can be very dangerous for both animals and humans. Quolls can harm themselves trying to escape from traps and females can drop their young from their pouches. It may not be safe for the trapper either, as quolls have extremely sharp claws and powerful jaws.

If you suspect or observe a quoll visiting your hen house, please contact your Local Land Services or National Parks and Wildlife office. They may be able to assist you with a motion camera to determine the species or help you safely trap and relocate the animal.