Review of Air Quality Monitoring Network Design

Synthesis report by the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) Expert Working Group Project 2

This report integrates two independent reviews that examined current Australian practice and international best practice in the design of air quality monitoring networks (AQMN).

6 May 2019
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Report, Monitoring report
  • ISBN 978-1-925755-84-8
  • ID OEH20190161
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  • Pages 37
  • Name review-of-air-quality-monitoring-network-design-190161.pdf

The 2011 National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure review had recommended that achieving an integrated, risk-based approach to air quality management will be an evolutionary process requiring improvements in air pollution exposure assessment, and changes in air quality monitoring network (AQMN) design to support those assessments.

To evaluate the recommendation, the NEPM EWG Project 2 commissioned two independent reviews examining the implementation of current Australian guidance on AQMN design, and international best practice AQMN design. This synthesis report summaries results from these founding reviews to present findings and recommendations that provide an updated guidance on improving AQMN design.

The synthesis report notes that the current AAQ NEPM monitoring network design is comprehensive, provides a good understanding of air quality in Australia, and has improved knowledge on community health impacts of air pollution. Recommendations are made however, on improving specific aspects like updating jurisdictional air quality monitoring plans, better aligning with AAQ NEPM requirements, and keeping abreast of international best practice.

The report provides comprehensive guidance for jurisdictions planning to review their AQMN design and air quality monitoring plans.