Review of Environmental Factors: Proposal for a New Telecommunications Facility at Sawpit Creek Utilities Depot, Kosciuszko Road

Kosciuszko National Park

The proposed new telecommunications facility is partly funded under the Australian Government’s national Mobile Blackspot Program (MBSP), which aims to provide new and upgraded mobile network access to many remote areas all over Australia. In New South Wales, one of the priority areas is Kosciuszko National Park.

10 April 2024
Genus Services
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The proposed works include:

  • installation of one new 40-metre high Amplitel steel monopole with climbing ladder on bored pier footing
  • installation of 4 new Telstra 4G/5G omnidirectional antennas on a new headframe, each not more than 4.5 metres long
  • installation of one new Telstra equipment shelter, with an area not more than 7.5 m2
  • proposed new Amplitel compound security fence with an area of 60 m2, with a 3.0 m wide double access gate
  • proposed new Amplitel 3.0 m wide access track
  • proposed new 10 m asset protection zone or APZ around the proposed Amplitel compound
  • installation of approximately 30 m of new underground fibre conduits by Infraco
  • installation of various Amplitel and Telstra ancillary equipment such as amplifiers, brackets, cable ladders, cabling, combiners, consumer mains, distribution box, feeders, fibre pit, fibre route, a GPS antenna, meter, mounts, remote radio units, safety signs, submains, and other associated equipment necessary to ensure the proper and safe operation of the facility.

The review of environmental factors document has been prepared by Genus services Pty Ltd on behalf of Amplitel and Telstra and is accompanied by the following:

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