Thirlmere Lakes Inquiry: Final Report of the Independent Committee

This report documents the outcomes and recommendations of an independent inquiry that looked at the low water levels in Thirlmere Lakes.

10 April 2019
Office of Environment and Heritage
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  • Pages 474
  • Name thirlmere-lakes-inquiry-final-report-independent-committee-oct-2012.pdf

The Thirlmere Lakes Inquiry was commissioned by the NSW Government in 2011 in response to community concerns about the low water levels in Thirlmere Lakes. An independent committee was appointed to establish reasons for fluctuations in water levels and, if relevant, recommend management actions to address these changes.

The committee surveyed available data and information, completed desktop evaluations, collected field data to cross-check information, and received contributions from the community, industry and local and state governments. It also looked at information on rainfall, lake water levels, geology and geomorphology, regional hydrology, groundwater, seismic activity, mining and its relation to groundwater, mine subsidence, bushfires, and European and Traditional Custodian records of the lakes. The outcomes and recommendations of this inquiry are documented in this final report.

For a summary of these findings see the Thirlmere Lakes: what we know now brochure.

For more information see our Thirlmere Lakes research webpage.