Toorale Water Infrastructure Project – Phase 2

Review of Environmental Factors

An agreement between the Australian and NSW governments at the time of its purchase requires the NSW Government to modify the infrastructure currently used for water management at Toorale for environmental purposes.

24 December 2019
Eco Logical Australia
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This Review of Environmental Factors has been prepared to satisfy environmental assessment and approval requirements to modify three dams at Toorale National Park and State Conservation Area , within the Warrego River Catchment. Toorale is located approximately 65 km southwest of Bourke in north western NSW and is managed by the DPIE National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Toorale was purchased and gazetted as a national park and state conservation area to protect its outstanding natural and cultural values for the people of NSW. Toorale water entitlements include irrigation licences, and stock and domestic water entitlements.

This document identifies environmental risks associated with the project and highlights key areas where mitigation measures and/or ongoing actions are required to manage these risks. Where additional approvals and permits are necessary, these have been identified.