Wollemi National Park Plan of Management

Wollemi National Park covers an area of about 488,620 hectares of rugged dissected plateau located on the north-west fringe of the Sydney Basin. The park is the second largest national park in New South Wales. It is part of a large system of unmodified and interconnected sandstone landscapes surrounding the Sydney metropolitan area.

1 April 2001
Department of Planning and Environment
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The park is contiguous with other major conservation areas including Blue Mountains National Park to the south, Goulburn River National Park to the north, Gardens of Stone National Park in the west and Yengo National Park and Parr State Recreation Area in the east.

Wollemi National Park, together with Blue Mountains National Park, Gardens of Stone National Park, Nattai National Park, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Thirlmere Lakes National Park, Yengo National Park and Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve, have been recently inscribed on the World Heritage List as the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Important values of the park include:

  • the spectacular wild and rugged scenery
  • its geological heritage values
  • its diversity of natural environments
  • the occurrence of many threatened or restricted native plant and animal species including the Wollemi pine and the broad-headed snake
  • significant plant communities
  • the presence of a range of important Aboriginal sites and
  • the park's historic places which are recognised for their regional and national significance.

The park offers excellent opportunities in conjunction with other conservation areas in the Sydney sandstone system for the conservation of evolutionary and ecological processes and for the provision of opportunities for solitude and self-reliant recreation. These values were recognised by the declaration of the Wollemi Wilderness Area in March 1999.

First published in April 2001; reprinted February 2022 with corrections to the maps.

Amendment to the Wollemi National Park Plan of Management (2024).

The Wollemi National Park plan of management was amended in March 2024. The amendment enables construction of a multi-day Wollemi great walk through Wollemi and Gardens of Stone national parks.

The amendment also enables the construction of short walks and lookouts.

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Photo: Wollemi Pines, Wollemi National Park / Botanic Gardens Trust/Jaime Plaza