The Vertebrate Fauna of Georges River National Park


This report describes the vertebrate fauna occurring in Georges River National Park, a reserve nestled amongst the suburbs of Alfords Point, Lugarno, Padstow Heights and Sandy Point in Sydney. The reserve flanks both the northern and southern banks of the Georges River and is a complex of 15 separate portions of land. The report is the result of a 2012-13 fauna study that included new systematic field survey work and a compilation of previously existing information.

Two hundred and forty-eight native vertebrate fauna species (excluding fish) are recorded for Georges River National Park. In addition, 19 introduced species have been documented. The Park provides habitat for at least 20 fauna species listed as threatened under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, more than half of which occur on a regular basis or as breeding residents. The 2012-13 surveys confirmed the presence of the iconic threatened species the koala; habitat is found on flats south of the Georges River and form one of the closest known haunts to the Sydney CBD. A number of threatened fauna species were recorded in the Park for the first time during the surveys, including Rosenberg’s goanna, little eagle, little lorikeet and the sooty owl.

The fauna species richness results from the range of habitats present in the Park, including littoral rainforest, dry sclerophyll forests, heath, freshwater lagoons, swamp forests, floodplain wetlands, mangroves and saltmarshes. Also important is the fact that the southern portion of the Park is connected to a vast tract of bushland, which extends southwards through Holsworthy Military Area to the Illawarra region and beyond.

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