The Biodiversity Values Map and threshold tool

The Biodiversity Values Map is an essential part of the Biodiversity Offset Scheme.

The Biodiversity Values (BV) Map identifies land with high biodiversity value that is particularly sensitive to impacts from development and clearing.

The map isone of the triggers for determining whether the Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) applies to a clearing or development proposal.

View the BV Map using the Biodiversity Values Map and Threshold (BMAT) tool.

Read more about the BV Map.

Biodiversity Values Explanation Report and Map Review

Landholders or their agent can apply for a BV Explanation Report. The report gives detailed descriptions and maps for biodiversity values applicable to a nominated landholding.

If you disagree with the Biodiversity Values mapped on your landholding you or your agent can request a review of the map.

Read more about the BV Explanation Report and the BV Map Review at Biodiversity Values Map Review.