Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS) Support webinars

BOS Support is a series of webinars hosted by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to support accredited assessors and local government in implementing the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

BOS Support provides interested participants with a regular forum to learn more about the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme and Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM), directly ask questions and stay up to date on new matters relating to the BOS.

How do I participate?

Webinars are run in Adobe Connect. Accredited assessors and local government staff with a role in the BOS will receive regular email updates on upcoming webinars and Adobe Connect registration invitations.

Webinar schedule and registration

All you will need to participate is an internet connection and a computer. Upon registration you will receive email confirmation of event details and a link to the Adobe Connect virtual room

Refer to the following tips for optimising your webinar experience:

Unfortunately, Adobe Connect cannot cater to all participants connection circumstances. Please contact if you have trouble registering or accessing our webinars.


Participants have an opportunity to complete a short feedback survey at the end of each webinar, including telling us which topics you would like to have covered in a future webinar and suggestions for improvements in webinar delivery.

Contact us at to provide webinar suggestions, recommend future topics or troubleshoot issues relating to webinar registration or access.

BOS Support webinar recordings

Webinar presentations are recorded and will be made available to view online as soon as possible after the live event.

BAM Support for Accredited Assessors

BOS Support webinar recordings

Webinar questions and answers

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the webinar which will be addressed during the Q&A session. 

The Q&A session is not included in the recording. Accompanying Q&A will be attached below each webinar recording as soon as possible after the live event, including unanswered questions. Published questions will remain anonymous. Processing times may vary due to the number of questions and associated resourcing requirements.

Responses to frequently asked questions will be provided on the Assessor questions and answers and Local government questions and answers pages where applicable. These questions will also contribute to the development of future webinars and other BOS supporting resources.

If you have any further questions after the live event, first check the information available on our webpage. If you can’t find an answer online, please submit your questions to BOS Support.


The Department website meets the Australian Government standards established for web accessibility. For more information, go to the accessibility webpage.
Closed captions are available during BOS Support webinars and webinar recordings. Availability of closed caption on webinar recording may take 5-10 business days due to processing requirements. In the interim, a written transcript is available on request. Please contact for further information.