Dharug National Park management documents

The following list includes management documents for this park.

Park management documents such as plans of management, statements of management intent and fire management strategies detail how we manage parks. When needed, we also develop pest and weed management strategies, master plans and other strategies.

Old Great North Road, Dharug National Park, Conservation Management Plan

  • 1 Mar 2005
  • Publication, Conservation management plan
  • PDF 43MB

The Great North Road was built using convict labour between 1826 and 1836, spanning the 264-kilometre distance between Sydney and the Hunter Valley. The Old Great North Road is a 43-kilometre stretch of this road that retains some of the best examples of our convict heritage.

Dharug National Park Plan of Management

  • 1 Jul 1997
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • ISBN 0-73107-6850
  • PDF 87KB

Dharug National Park covers about 14,834 hectares and is located on the north bank of the Hawkesbury River opposite the small settlement of Wisemans Ferry, some 55 kilometres from of the centre of Sydney and 25 kilometres west of Gosford. Established in 1967, the park features spectacular sandstone cliff-lines and gullies, a substantial section of the historic Old Great North Road and many Aboriginal sites.

Yengo National Park, Parr State Recreation Area and Dharug National Park Fire Management Strategy

  • 1 May 2003
  • Publication, Fire management strategy
  • ISBN 0-73136-1784
  • PDF 3.5MB

This fire management strategy incorporates Yengo National Park, Parr State Recreation Area and Dharug National Park.