Euston Regional Park management documents

The following list includes management documents for this park.

Park management documents such as plans of management, statements of management intent and fire management strategies detail how we manage parks. When needed, we also develop pest and weed management strategies, master plans and other strategies.

Euston Regional Park Plan of Management

  • 13 Nov 2020
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • ISBN 978-1-922493-61-3
  • PDF 1.5MB

Euston Regional Park has frontage to the Murray River just outside of Euston, approximately 80 kilometres west of Balranald in the far west of New South Wales. The park covers 3274 hectares and is within the traditional Country of the Kureinji People.

Euston Regional Park Fire Management Strategy

  • 1 Jul 2012
  • Publication, Fire management strategy
  • ISBN 978-1-74293-910-0
  • PDF 973KB

This fire management strategy incorporates Euston Regional Park.