Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve management documents

The following list includes management documents for this park.

Park management documents such as plans of management, statements of management intent and fire management strategies detail how we manage parks. When needed, we also develop pest and weed management strategies, master plans and other strategies.

Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Strategic Plan

  • 1 Jan 2009
  • Publication, Strategic plan
  • ISBN 978-1-74122-960-8
  • PDF 5.5MB

The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Strategic Plan provides broad principles for the integrated management, protection, interpretation and monitoring of the parks and reserves that make up this World Heritage area.

Abercrombie Caves Plan of Management

  • 10 Apr 1993
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • PDF 1.8MB

The Abercrombie Caves reserve covers an area of some 2225 hectares and is located 280 kilometres by road west of Sydney and about 70 kilometres south of Bathurst between the villages of Trunkey Creek and Tuena. The actual caves area is only a small portion of the much larger reservation. This larger area provides a natural, largely unmodified catchment area essential to the well being of the karst system.

Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve Plan of Management

  • 3 Apr 2019
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • ISBN 978-1-925755-56-5
  • PDF 4.8MB

The Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and is located in the south-east highlands of New South Wales, near Oberon and south-west of Katoomba. The reserve covers an area of 3085 hectares and is part of the traditional Country of the Gundungurra and Wiradjuri Aboriginal People.

Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve Fire Management Strategy

  • 1 May 2009
  • Publication, Fire management strategy
  • ISBN 978-1-74232-290-2
  • PDF 1.9MB

This fire management strategy incorporates Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.