Muldiva Nature Reserve management documents

The following list includes management documents for this park.

Park management documents such as plans of management, statements of management intent and fire management strategies detail how we manage parks. When needed, we also develop pest and weed management strategies, master plans and other strategies.

Dorrigo Plateau Group of Nature Reserves Plan of Management

  • 1 Nov 2008
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • ISBN 978-1-74232-123-3
  • PDF 326KB

Bagul Waajaarr, Deer Vale and Muldiva Nature Reserves occur in close proximity to each other, north-west of the town of Dorrigo on the Dorrigo Plateau. Muldiva Nature Reserve was reserved in 1981 and covers an area of 10 hectares. Deer Vale Nature Reserve was reserved in 1985 and covers an area of 181 hectares. Bagul Waajaarr Nature Reserve was reserved in 1999 and is in two areas totalling 520 hectares.