Scabby Range Nature Reserve management documents

The following list includes management documents for this park.

Park management documents such as plans of management, statements of management intent and fire management strategies detail how we manage parks. When needed, we also develop pest and weed management strategies, master plans and other strategies.

Scabby Range Nature Reserve Plan of Management

  • 1 Feb 2010
  • Publication, Plan of management
  • ISBN 1-74232-5781
  • PDF 566KB

Scabby Range Nature Reserve is located approximately 60 kilometres south-west of Canberra. The reserve consists of two parcels of land totalling 4,982 hectares and contains a suite of vegetation types and the fauna species they support, from native grasslands in the south-west to moist subalpine forests and rocky outcrops on the reserve's highest peaks.

Scabby Range Nature Reserve Fire Management Strategy

  • 1 Jun 2007
  • Publication, Fire management strategy
  • ISBN 1-74137-4545
  • PDF 10.8MB

This fire management strategy incorporates Scabby Range Nature Reserve.